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Welcome! Passionate about painting, I enjoy sharing my heart and my work with people. For as long as I can remember, I have had a vivid imagination coupled with an eye for colour, pattern, and beauty.

Once inspired, my brush takes off and I compose as I go along, trying to serve the work as it often seems to run ahead of me. That which lies deep within can't help but splash onto the canvas.

A tremendous amount of personal emotion is expressed in the application of bold colour and texture on my canvases. The exploration of different themes and subjects in this "expressionist style" continues to excite me. My senses are alive and alert to the fresh buds of spring, children's faces as they run and frolic by a stream, the landscape as I gaze out the car window, wildflowers poking their heads through a weathered fence. Everywhere I look I see "paintings". Music, ranging from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mozart's piano concertos, Yoyo Ma's beautiful cello pieces, Handel's Messiah to the musical score of Les Miserables greatly inspire me as I paint.

The blank canvas placed on the easel challenges me to stay fresh. I am learning and growing as an artist with every stroke of the brush. I am very grateful for the opportunities before me as I travel along this creative road.

I have taken part in numerous local exhibitions and artists’ events. My work is found in private and corporate collections.


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